TikToker Deshawn Harris Calls Out Cheating Married Friend In Viral Video

Musician Deshawn Harris posted a TikTok video on May 11, calling out one of his married friends for trying to talk to other women at a nightclub. Followers praised the burgeoning songwriter for holding his friend accountable for the infidelity attempt.

Recording the video while eating his signature chicken wings, the up-and-coming artist explained that his friend got upset with him when Harris told the man to stop his inappropriate behavior.

“My homeboy got mad at me, now he ain’t talking to me because we in the club, and he tryna talk to these women, but he married. And I told him, ‘Hey bro, you need to cut that out’,” the TikToker says in the viral video.


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The charismatic TikToker discusses how it’s unfair that his friend got him to spend a grip of money on the wedding, only to be in the streets acting a fool.

“I ain’t tell you to walk down that aisle. I ain’t tell you to introduce me to this woman, and you go get that ring on your finger. Got me all on this wedding, spending all this money to come to this club to watch you cheat and mess up,” exclaims the singer.

Harris also touched on the issue that he befriended his friend’s wife and now has to watch a man try to cheat on a woman the musician cares about.

“You the one that introduced me to this lady. Got me calling her ‘sis’ all the time,” stated the content creator as he chomped on his coveted chicken wing.

The video is one of the dozens of TikTok videos that Harris has created. He sticks to a theme of dropping truth bombs with a hint of humor, all the while snacking on chicken wings inside his car. But followers particularly responded to this one about the aspiring-cheater friend.

“FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS FALL OFF THE CLIFF,” wrote TikTok user @dolorisemoman.

“This message is approved by wives across the world…betta remind them,” wrote TikTok user @tricklez.

“Yes – ppl need to normalize calling friends out for inappropriate behavior,” wrote TikTok user @cryre2.

“Thank you, sir. Wish you were friends with my ex-husband. We need more like you,” added TikTok user @jennifine30.

Harris is definitely out here doing the Lord’s work. Would you call out a cheating friend?

Originally posted 2023-05-24 17:55:01.