Black Love: Husband Showers Disabled Wife With Love After She Asks If He Still Wants To Be With Her


Terrence Hawthorne, a motivational speaker from Florida, is sending the internet into a frenzy with this latest heartwarming video.

The father and devoted husband took to Instagram March 11 to show some love to his wife, who he has been taking care of due to her disability.

At one point in the clip, Hawthorne’s wife asks if he still wants to be with her. “Do you want me?” she asks with hesitation. The love and relationship coach then responds:

“Yeah, I want you, I love you.” He continued:

Why would you think that? You know I love you, You’ll always be my baby, okay?”


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Fans burst into tears and shower Terrence Hawthorne with praise for loving his wife


Fans in the comments section couldn’t get enough of the love, kindness and compassion Hawthorne showered his wife with in the emotional video. Users praised the honorable husband for sticking by his wife’s side through thick and thin.

“This man is truly cut from a different cloth,” wrote one user. “When he pledged his love and vows, he meant it. I love how he loves her and she loves him.”

“When they say through thick and thin & through sickness and in health THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN!!!!!!!” a second user commented. “True love!! Omg this bought tears to my eyes because I know my fiancé would be the same way!! I’m blessed and she is too and so are you sir!!”

While a third person added:

“I’m crying. He is keeping his promise to her…..sickness and health. Ladies, there are still real men. Don’t let this social media world fool you. Don’t let the wrong choice you may have made once ruin the right choice that’s still waiting for you. My God!!!!”

One user named @pecan_goddess53 spoke about the power of love and how it can help those heal and cope with physical and mental disabilities.

“I cried just to hear her ask. I suffer with chronic depression and my children and grandchildren don’t want to be bothered with me. So, I understand know matter what a person goes through they don’t want to be a burden because of the thoughts that are already raging in our minds. It’s a battle within itself, We just want to be loved and needed even when we can’t meet the needs,” they added.

As the heartwarming clip began to circulate around social media, Hawthorne thanked fans for their love and support.

“Me and My Wife Appreciate all the prayers,” he wrote in the comment section. “Thanks for following our recovery and healing journey. I don’t take it for granted. I am humbled and grateful for you All. You Inspire us just as much as we Inspire you.”
This is a true example of the power of Black love in all of its glory. Much love to Terrence Hawthorne for showing the world what true love and marriage looks like.

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Originally posted 2023-03-16 16:40:17.