‘Bliss on a Budget’ Episode 2: Planning a Dream Wedding for $10K

In episode 2 of Bliss on a Budget, college sweethearts Tiera and Norman Belton finally get the fairytale wedding of their dreams.

The couple gave themselves four weeks and a budget of $10,000 to make their dream wedding a reality. To guide them on their journey, they teamed up with Brooklyn-based wedding and event producer Bianca Francois, who found practical ways to save money and stay on budget.

Eight beautiful years of marriage

As the wedding approaches, the Beltons are getting ready for their big day. College sweethearts and Cheney University grads Tiera and Norman tied the knot eight years ago in a courthouse ceremony, so they’ve had this wedding on their wishlist for quite some time.

“After eight beautiful years of marriage, I finally get to have a wedding ceremony with my wife,” says Norman. “It’s something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We put certain goals before this, and we accomplished those goals. To be able to circle back and finally have that fairytale wedding that we’ve always wanted, and doing it on a budget, how better could it be?”

Shaking off her nerves, Tiera is ready to walk down the aisle and make it official. “Norman is my peace. Anytime I’m going through something, he’s always the first person I call. And I’m just really excited to do this,” Tiera says. “I love him immensely, and I can’t wait to see where we’re at 30 years from now.”

Starting new family traditions

For both Tiera and Norman, this wedding is about starting new traditions. “For my family, I think this is like the first big wedding that we’ve had anything like this, so for our kids to see it, I think it’s building tradition,” says Norman. “I think it’s showing them what love’s supposed to be.”

“Most of the women in my family haven’t gotten married the traditional way, the majority of them have always gone to the Justice of Peace,” says Tiera. “And with yesterday being the anniversary of the day we buried my grandmother, to have everybody there was honestly beautiful. Starting new traditions—even though it took us eight years but hey, we’re here.”

How much did the couple save?

The Beltons were able to make their big day extra special while staying on budget.

Their wedding planner Francois breaks down the couple’s total savings for the day.

“So when I first started with Tiera and Norman, we were aiming for a budget of $10,000,” she says. “By doing the signature drinks instead of an open bar and having a buffet instead of a plated dinner, we were able to save about $3,000. So all in, this venue came to about $7,100. What really saved us here was having all the celebrations in one room. We avoided a ceremony fee, extra decor and extra staff.”

The Beltons’ special day turned out as magical as they had hoped, proving that a stunning wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

“I think this journey with Tiera and Norman is a perfect way to show that you can still have a blissful experience while staying in your budget,” says Francois.

For more money-saving tips for your big day, be sure to watch episode 2 of Bliss on a Budget.

Bliss on a Budget is a new series that follows happy couples as they plan their dream weddings on a budget. As financially savvy couples opt for cost-effective nuptials over lavish affairs, this approach is growing in popularity. Follow along and discover practical tips on how to save big for your big day.

Originally posted 2023-07-22 15:30:20.