Common Sense Coach Tiffany T Tells Low-Vibrational Men Women Are Choosing To Be Single

Common sense coach and creator of “Ask Tiffany T” bestowed some insight on her followers about dating or being with low-vibrational men in a TikTok video on Tuesday, July 18.


Men who cant fool a woman will always be hard to handle in their eyes! Keep dealing with the thots! #relationships #thot #lowvibration

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The video started with the content creator addressing commenters who believe she uses her platform only to bash men. 

She told her TikTok followers that the people who misconstrue a person’s point or words are the ones who know they can’t fool that person, specifically men. 

Tiffany T then corrected the presumptuous men who claimed her thoughts and attitude on fellas repelled them and contributed to her being single.

“Y’all assuming that women like me that think the way that I think and the fact that you can’t get away with that bullshit that we just sitting somewhere lonely, twiddling our thumbs,” she said. “A woman like me will never be lonely…me choosing to be alone is a choice.”

Ironically, the same men that throw the “that’s why you ain’t got a man” card in women’s faces are either single (not by choice) and desperate or in relationships, commenting heart-eyed emojis under Instagram models’ pages.

Abjuring the concept that the “taken” relationship status prevailed over singleness, Tiffany T acknowledged the difficulty of trusting men these days. 

“Having a man or being married is not a flex if you can’t depend on that person you with,” Tiffany T began. “If you got somebody that’s going behind your back, that’s secretly disrespecting you and embarrassing you by sliding in DMs, all under these th*t a** females’ pages.”

She continued, “All they doing is showing a**, they gotta show they bodies just to get some attention ’cause the minute that they open they mouth, they sound stupid. So, you don’t ever hear them talk, but all they doing is in the mirror posting a** pictures. And these men are all under the comments. The minute that she opens her mouth, she sounds like an idiot.”

She then inquired why women would want to be with a man who entertained women like the ones she mentioned, adding men only label women they can’t fool as challenging to “handle” or control.

Spitting nothing but facts, Tiffany T called men out on desiring a woman to minimize herself and become susceptible to his bullshit instead of him increasing his vibrational level and becoming the man the woman deserves.

Additionally, even when these low-vibrational men secure these “half-naked” Instagram women, many don’t make the bag she makes through her own content. So, when their insecure asses attempt to control her content, they don’t provide the money she made to maintain the lifestyle she built herself.

Even Dr. Umar Johnson agreed that men are the reason women carry the “I don’t need a man” attitude because many don’t prove themselves to be someone they can rely on. 

The Pan-African psychologist mentioned on the Daily Rap Crew podcast how, for years, Black women have had to develop an independent mindset because men have failed them numerous times.

“When a sister says, ‘I don’t need a man,’ ’cause she couldn’t find one strong enough to hold her down. Or when you meet a woman and you say, ‘Sister, I’m strong enough to be a man. You ain’t got to work, or you ain’t got to pay the bills or whatever…she can’t do it because all the other men before you who disappointed her.”

He added that men are the reason Black women have a poor dating pool, hence the independent mindset. They demand a respectful and “submissive” woman but don’t want the responsibility of being someone she can rely on.

That’s like demanding a Tesla with a fry cook’s salary. Low-vibrational… indeed!

Originally posted 2023-07-31 19:15:18.