EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Queens Court’ Ladies Get Candid About Finding Love — And Themselves

Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Nivea are no strangers to fame or dealing with love’s woes in the public eye. As they’ve expanded their careers in the limelight, each woman has simultaneously juggled tumultuous romances and challenging exes. 

While chatting with MADAMENOIRE, the Queen’s Court stars exuded the confidence and matureness of heroines past their former heartbreaks. Queens Court follows Tamar, Evelyn and Nivea as 21 male suitors vie for the women’s hearts. The Will Packer-produced unscripted dating show is hosted by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL player Rodney Peete.

“I just prayed a lot before I headed to Atlanta,” Evelyn shared about her preparation before filming. “I was praying like, ‘Listen, if this is for me, let it be for me. Let it be a good experience. Let it be positive.’ I did it, and here we are — and I have no regrets.”

The show’s stars emphasized how transformative the experience was. The ladies dished on being on the hunt for love, their self-growth and their newly beloved sisterhood. Nivea highlighted that getting to know the contestants in a quick “the timeframe” was the most challenging aspect of being on the show. Tamar said, for her, it was “trusting the process.”


Tamar, Evelyn And Nivea Get Candid About Queens Court

“When you initially meet someone, that’s not really who they truly are. It takes a while to get to know somebody and it also takes a lot of uncomfortable conversations,” Tamar explained.

“It’s just a process to get to the prize. And you just have to allow yourself that time, no matter what that timeframe is. And you just have to trust that God has your back at the end of all of it, no matter what.”

“A lot of people think when you put yourself out there, you’re taking a risk. But in actuality, you’re not. You’re setting yourself up for a win,” the “Love and War” singer added.

“Because either you’re going to find your person or find out something about yourself that you need to learn to ultimately find the person you’re supposed to be with. So it truly is a win-win situation. And I think that’s something I learned on the show. I thought that me being open was a hinderance to my life, and it wasn’t. It was actually a blessing.”

Nivea shared that she and her castmates were curious about the contestants’ preconceived notions before meeting the famous trio.

“They were a mystery to us and so were we to them. But of course, once we met, we were like, ‘What are they thinking? They know about us already based off what they’ve seen [in headlines].’”

“Once you start meeting and having conversations with the guys — you start realizing who’s a fan,” Evelyn recalled, making Tamar and Nivea laugh. “They’ll start saying weird things like ‘Oh, remember you when you did…’ Those types of conversations are always weird and a red flag. Like even if you know that, don’t tell me!” the former Basketball Wives star said.

You can watch all 10 episodes of Queens Court on Peacock starting March 16.

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Originally posted 2023-03-15 20:16:06.