‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Lydia Velez Gonzalez And James Milton Johnson IV Are Still Going Strong

Love Is Blind Season 5 stars Lydia Velez Gonzalez and James Milton Johnson IV are still happily married, but the lovebirds are currently living in two completely different states to pursue their dreams.

“Right now we’re really focused on our careers — I got a new job, it just started a month ago, he has a new job, has been there for a year but he just got relocated to Long Beach actually,” Gonzalez told Entertainment Weekly during an exclusive interview Oct. 16.

“We are trying to get used to this new schedule and he’s also doing his MBA. He loves to go to school, apparently, this is his second master’s. We are just trying to really thrive in our careers.”

Gonzalez, a geologist and poetry lover, currently lives in Houston, Texas, as Johnson —an engineer — obtains his MBA in Long Beach, California. But the love remains strong between the duo. Gonzalez said she and her hubby travel back and forth to see one another regularly.

“We just miss each other so much, so every second that we have together, we try to really cherish it and try to be there as much as we can for each other when we are actually in the same place. Right now we’re limited. The challenge is just traveling in airports, I hate airports so much, but besides that, it’s been amazing.”

The married couple isn’t ready to have kids quite yet, but they do plan to build “a family” in the near future.

“That’ll come along the way,” she added.

Throughout Season 5, Gonzalez’s past relationship with ex-boyfriend Uche Okorohoa caused a whole lot of drama on the show and led to a fallout with her former friend and castmate Aaliyah Cosby. The beautiful Latina said while she understands that her rift with the lawyer may have been “entertaining” for viewers to watch at home, she wishes people could have seen more footage of the beautiful relationship she built with Johnson inside and out of the pods.

“You just saw a tiny bit of it. We play and prank each other and try to tickle each other or try to spank each other, it’s just fun,” she gushed.


On Oct. 15, the couple confirmed that they were still crazy in love and married on the Oct.15 Season 5 Love Is Blind reunion.

Johnson told hosts Nick and Vanessa that marriage has changed his life for the better.

“I think in the past before I met Lydia… I would typically stay at work too late. Now, 5:30 hits and I’m like, ‘Hey, I gotta get home to my wife,’” the engineer said, according to People.

“A few years ago, I could’ve never imagined feeling this way, being this way. It’s beautiful.”

Even though they got off to a rocky start, Johnson’s parents eventually welcomed Gonzalez into their family with open arms.

“They’re all Team Lydia now,” he added. “Lydia’s made my parents so soft, so different from what we grew up with.”

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After the show, Gonzalez and Johnson took to Instagram to celebrate their wedded bliss.

Gonzalez penned that she was so lucky to have “found the ONE.”

“Being loved by you is a privilege, that I don’t take for granted. My husband, my partner, my best friend, you were the answer to all my prayers and manifestations,” the reality TV star captioned a photo of her and Johnson clasping their wedding rings on Oct. 18.

“I am beyond proud of us, and our journey. We have overcome hurdles that have failed to diminish our love for one another. Our marriage is vibrant proof of resilience, compassion, and happiness,” she added.

Johnson kept the love flowing on his Instagram page with a message that read:

“It’s been almost two years since we uttered ‘I do’ on that magical journey. Every day with you feels like a new chapter in the best love story ever told. From navigating career changes and braving the challenges of graduate school to our playful debates about home décor, you’ve been my steadfast support and guiding star. In my darkest hours, especially during the passing of my closest friend, your unwavering love became my solace. Your love and strength pulled me through the pain I experienced. You’ve created a space for me to be vulnerable, authentic, and unapologetically me.”

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Congrats to the happily married couple!

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