Tales From TikTok: TikToker’s ‘Icks’ Include White Ex Calling Her N-Word

A Tiktok user named @taibaybee has gone viral for exposing her “icks” on social media. On Nov. 29, the makeup guru posted a 2-minute-long “Get Ready With Me” video in which she proceeded to call herself out for some of the “young and dumb” mistakes that she’s made in the past. The lifestyle and beauty influencer had her followers raising an eyebrow after she claimed that she allowed her white boyfriend in high school to call her the N-word.


My only excuse is i was young and dumb #fy #makeup

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“I was so desperate for male validation and attention. I used to have a thing with this [white] boy, and he used to call me the N-word, and I just let him,” @taibaybee confessed as she applied makeup to her face.

“Not only did he call me the N-word, but he wanted me to call him my master as a term of endearment. He would be like, ‘What’s up, my little N-word or my little slave baby? And I’d be like, ‘Hey, master.’”

The TikTok star added, “Unsurprisingly, it turned out he never liked me, and I was just an inside joke between his friends.” 

That wasn’t the only admission that had fans baffled.

The beauty influencer alleged that she found out her cheating ex-boyfriend was “secretly homeless” after she went searching through his phone and discovered he was seeing someone else again. It’s unclear if she was talking about the same racist boy from the previous story. 

“I was crying, asking him, ‘Why didn’t you tell me? Why would you do this to me?’ But when he tried to leave, I started crying even more and begging him not to leave me,” she said.

Eventually, she forgave her trifling boo and offered him to move in with her, but their relationship did not last long.

“He broke up with me anyways, looked me dead in my eyes and told me I need to find some self-respect,” @taibaybee revealed. 

In the comments section, netizens of TikTok reacted to the social media beauty’s confessions. Some users were shocked by her candid stories.

“Hey MASSA? Not even BATMAN could get this out of me,” wrote one user. 

Another person commented, “I came for the ICKS, and I got JAW dropping years of trauma.”

Some fans thanked @taibaybee for being honest about the disrespect she has allowed to slide in her relationships.

“This is real AF. I respect the bravery and self-awareness. A teacher to us all,” one netizen penned. 

Another user commented, “Damn girl. You’re not alone. We have all been through self-induced icks.”

This isn’t the first time that @taibaybee has called herself out for being the source of her own ick. Listen to her latest story below.


if you thought i ran out of stories to tell youve greatly underestimated me #fy

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