Derrick Jaxn’s Ex-Wife Da’Naia Jackson Opens Up About Divorce In Weird Gospel Video


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Da’Naia Jackson is speaking out about her healing journey after a highly publicized divorce announcement with self-proclaimed romance expert Derrick Jaxn.

In a lengthy and craftily produced Instagram video post, Da’Naia appears throughout various scenes in what appears to be a music video depicting her emotions.

Set to Koryn Hawthorne and Queen Naija’s “Speak To Me (Queen Mix),” emotions are on high display as Jackson cries, prays, and destroys photos of the pair.

There is also a scene were Jackson writes “ Dear Holy Spirit, I Hate His Stinking Guts” in a journal before clinging on to her bible and singing to the lyrics.

“When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be alone with God,” Da’Naia wrote in the caption. “When your heart has been shattered & reshaped into something that doesn’t quite feel normal inside your chest, with mental, emotional, & soul pain that is unbearable, there is only ONE MAN who can fix it, & that is the HOLY SPIRIT.”

The Jacksons’ tumultuous end to their marriage unfolded in a dramatic and messy string of events well documented on the couple’s social media accounts.

The former lovers faced a huge scandal after Jaxn was exposed by his mistress, a woman named Candice De Medeiros. She came forward in 2021 and said she had slept with Jaxn numerous times and had even been in the home he shared with his wife and children. This shattered his credibility as a relationship coach and his internet presence hasn’t been the same since.

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Da’Naia, who once clapped back at Jaxn’s critics weighing in on her marriage, opened up about her heartbreak.

“When you are suffering so much that each next breath seems excruciating, & you don’t know how you can live without that man while at the same time being angry with that man because he has crushed your spirit due to his unconscious 🍆,” she wrote.

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The couple was married for four years before calling it quits. Back in Dec 2022, Jaxn told his followers about their divorce filing.

“Over the past several months, my family and I have gone through many changes. Some of you have speculated while others of you have reached out to offer support as we privately established this new normal for ourselves and our beautiful children,” he wrote.

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For Da’Naia, who often posts about her ministry, she’s using her faith as a bullet during this challenging chapter.

”My secret to surviving public mockery, scrutiny, scandal, betrayal, and dishonor is surrendering to the Lord,” she wrote.

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