Twitter Thinks Coca Vango Showed His Ass During A Conversation About Cheating With Fiancée LightSkinKeisha

Twitter was not feeling the messy exchange LightSkinKeisha had with her fiancé Coca Vango about cheating. 

In a now-viral clip, Coca emphatically stated that Keisha wouldn’t leave him if he cheated because they’ve been together for “too long” and he has “too much money.” 

Seemingly unbothered, Keisha let her man know in the simplest of terms that she would pack up and leave him in a heartbeat if he was ever unfaithful. The 28-year-old rapper-actress said that she wouldn’t even make a fuss. She emphasized that she’d quietly leave her fiancé in the middle of the night and never look back if he hopped in bed with a side chick. 

The clip was pulled from the June 9 episode of the couple’s podcast, The Bold Face Truth.

During a separate part of the podcast, the two exchanged glances amid an awkward, drawn-out silence when Keisha asked if Coca had a woman on the side.

The 29-year-old “Change” singer elsewhere mentioned that he’d stay with Keisha if she cheated on him because her lady parts were “that fire.” However, he stated that he’d have to sleep with other women before he took Keisha back.

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Social media users were not feeling Coca’s cocky, red flag-filled responses to his fiancèe.

On Twitter, people speculated that the singer had already cheated on Keisha since he shared many of his problematic statements from the first-person narration. 

The online users also didn’t like how Coca seemingly took his relationship with Keisha for granted.  Netizens called the singer “dumb” and “a damn fool.”

Keisha and Coca had known each other for around a decade before they started dating. The couple got engaged in January 2022. 

Watch the full podcast episode of The Bold Face Truth below. 

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Originally posted 2023-07-16 17:55:34.