NFL Trainer Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson Surprises Son With A Brand New Charger For Graduation

Professional trainer Anthony “AJ” Johnson surprised his son with a brand-spanking new car for graduation, and the young teen’s reaction was priceless.

On May 21, Johnson posted a heartwarming video to Instagram that captured him surprising his son Jamael with a forest green Dodge Charger for his big day.

As Johnson walked his son closer to the brand-new vehicle, Jamael began to break down in tears. The proud dad showered the youngster with praise for accomplishing high school and being a “blessing” to him and his mother.

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“Didn’t I tell you? Me and your mamma got you,” the NFL trainer told Jamael as he pulled his father in for a big hug. “Don’t you ever think I ain’t got you. You’ve been a blessing to me and your momma all your life. I’m going to go all out for you.”

Jamael stood in shock as he marveled over the Dodge Charger.

“You deserve all of that,” Johnson said right before he handed the high school graduate keys to his shiny new ride. “That’s yours. When you put in that kind of work, and you’re being a kid and the young man that you are, that’s how you get blessed.” Then, the One Body CEO burst into tears and embraced his son with a big hug. “You are a blessing to me. I ain’t gotta worry. I can sleep and have peace,” the proud poppa cried joyfully right before the video ended.

Social media users react to Jamael and AJ’s emotional graduation video.

In the comments section, fans couldn’t get enough of the emotional video and the incredible bond between the NFL trainer and his son.

“Beautiful, beautiful display of healthy fatherhood and healthy masculinity,” penned one supporter.

Another person commented, “Beautiful words of reinforcement there 🤝 there’s power in the tongue. Congrats to the young fella on graduating. The world is his oyster.”

A third user added, “Ts made me cry 🥹🥹🥹 god bless y’all both. I’m so happy to see wholesome content like this. It brings me a lot of peace to see black men doing right by their kids & being happy to do so 😍 & the son clearly was a great kid & a blessing to his parents.”

Congrats Jamael. Keep up the great work!

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Originally posted 2023-05-24 15:40:54.