Tales From TikTok: Pregnant Woman Claims Her Homeboy Linked Up With Her Man

Alizha @notalizha Atlanta homeboy boyfriend pregnant TikTok Avery VRARE baby

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An Atlanta-area pregnant young hairstylist and entrepreneur has gone viral after alleging her child’s father was secretly sleeping with her homeboy. 

The mother-to-be, 19-year-old @notalizha, said in the caption of her Nov. 7 TikTok post that she still couldn’t believe her boyfriend and homeboy snuck around behind her back. The viral post has been viewed by over 650,000 on the platform and received thousands of comments. The young woman, assumably named Alizha, also noted on her Instagram Stories Nov. 9 that her upload was reposted on that platform and Facebook.

Based on her Instagram Stories, the father of her child is likely named Davonte or Tae for short. 

Alizha @notalizha Atlanta homeboy boyfriend pregnant TikTok Avery VRARE baby

Source: Courtesy of / Alizha’s Instagram Stories Nov. 9


The VRARE brand owner’s TikTok photo series claimed her boyfriend’s “life-changing” confession came after he felt guilty and she felt their relationship had gone awry. Alizha mainly seemed upset with her former male friend, Avery, for her heartbreak and betrayal.

“He [Davonte] was being intimate with the same homeboy I always vented to with our problems… While they were supposed to be ‘smoking…’ I trusted him and his homeboy,” Alizha told her over 10,600 followers. “How could you, Avery???”

Many comments echoed the 19-year-old teen’s sentiment, and TikTokers wondered how Avery could do her the way he did. Others judgmentally claimed that they’d never publicly share what Alizha posted. 

“Girl, the United States of America couldn’t get this out of me. The way I would act like I don’t even know him.”

“Ngl God himself couldn’t have gotten this information out of me. You’re strong baby girl.”

“I could never expose myself like this… I’d be so embarrassed.”

Alizha posted a clip Nov. 8 of her sharing a playfully flirtatious moment with her man. In the text written on the post, she added heartbroken emojis and “Avery, why did you ruin our relationship?”

“This whole situation is something I really gotta live with,” the VRARE beanie seller said in her caption. “I trusted Avery… I thought he was a great friend to my [baby daddy], not knowing [they] had more than a friendship on the low… Y’all, please pray for me and my unborn… This really hurts. I hope y’all accept my truth…”


This whole situation is something i really gotta live with…. I trusted avery… i thought he was a great friend to my bd not knowing that had more then a friendship on the low.. yall please pray for me and my unborn… this really hurts i hope yall accept my truth..💔🤦🏾‍♀️

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In light of online users saying they’d never publicly share the extent to which Alizha’s baby daddy allegedly did her dirty, the momma-to-be shared Nov. 8 on X  that she wasn’t ashamed of her situation. 

On Nov. 9, the Atlanta-area teen posted a sonogram of her baby’s face on Instagram and proudly shared his name with the world. She wrote, “Prynce VRARE Chozen Thornton. Happy 35 weeks, son sonnn.” 

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We wish Alizha peace through the rest of her pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby boy. 

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