Tales From TikTok: Shawty Searches Through Her Man’s Phone And Finds Out What He Really Thinks Of Her

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A young TikToker effed around and found out something worse than she was expecting when she snooped in her man’s phone.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania repping beauty shared with her over 16,200 followers that finding her man talking to other women behind her back would have been more ideal than what she actually found. The young woman, Saunny, whose handle is @Saunn.Nyx, explained that she discovered the disingenuous male calling her ugly in text messages. Adding insult to injury, Saunny said the man tried to justify it being okay that he was stringing her along while feeling she’s unattractive.

“I wish I found what I was looking for. I didn’t find what I was looking for. Instead, I found the man talking shit on me,” the TikToker revealed. “He told his friend — and this is really traumatic — that sometimes I don’t think [Saunny’s] pretty.”


Found this deep in the drafts😂 but I would have appreciated him just texting other girls instead

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Saunny still seemed shocked that the guy could ever think she wasn’t pretty. The young beauty seemed especially disgusted with the guy sharing his feelings with one of his friends because, at that point, the two young lovers had been talking for months.

“That will be my last time going through a phone,” she wrote in text on the post.

TikTok users uplifted Saunny in her comments and told her she didn’t need a man in her life who couldn’t see her beauty. The sisterly support and advice encouraged the young woman to continue listening to her gut in her romantic relationships.

“If your intuition EVER tells you to check his phone, LEAVE. I promise you it’ll save your heart and GUARD YOUR HEART.”

“Honey, the way I woulda never talked to that man again in life.”

“And you’re so gorgeous I woulda dipped immediately.”

While some women shared similar experiences about finding something in a man’s phone that they shouldn’t have ever seen, there were a few straggler comments that defended Saunny’s unforthcoming male love interest.

A male TikTok user commented, “Sometimes people say things that they don’t mean about you to others to downplay their attraction to you.”

Saunny, however, didn’t believe that the man she was talking to wanted to downplay his attraction to her. She responded to the commenter’s feeble defense and revealed that the shady lover had called her ugly to one of his female friends.

The TikToker didn’t share whether she confronted the lame male lover about his problematic messages. She also didn’t specify whether the guy was her boyfriend or someone she was just on a talking stage with.

Regardless, the young beauty deserves better, and it’s probably best the two didn’t work out.

Are y’all for or against creeping in your partner’s phone? Sound off in the comments.


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