Tales From TikTok: Bro Down Bad Missing His Girl On ‘Guys Trip’

Stéphanos ʜғ, known as @chicklet.hf on TikTok, isn’t a fan of long trips with the fellas. He’d rather be at home with his girlfriend.

On Jan. 15, the social media star took to the social media platform with an interesting question for men online. Struggling to hold back fake tears, the podcaster and internet comic asked his male followers if they ever missed their significant other while on a “guys trip” with their homies.

“For all those men that talk like guys, trips are like the greatest thing in the world; why y’all never talk about how much y’all miss your partners? How much y’all miss your girls? How much y’all miss your significant others? Why y’all never talk about that part?”


@malenicruz im staying home forever

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Stéphanos, whose face was red and flustered at this point, said he was “convinced” men who love traveling with their guy friends on long vacations hated their relationships.

“Because me? It has only been five days, bro. And I miss her. I miss her, bro. They don’t talk about that part,” he said before adding, “I just want to cuddle. I don’t want to go out no more. I just want a hug.”

Men flooded the comments section with reactions to Stéphanos’ funny and sweet video.

Many agreed they weren’t too fond of long trips away from their significant other. A few netizens said they could only stand to be away from their partner for “2 days” max.

“Guys, trips are only fun for me for like two days. After that, I miss home. And home is her,” one user wrote.

Another person commented, “Only five days???” Bro, my guys trips are 2 nights max we got kids at home man I don’t wanna be away from them either.”

One male TikTok user said they often book their girlfriend a flight “so she can come along” for the fun.  

“Bro, I go away for like an hour, and I miss my girl,” another user added. 

Women in the comments gushed over the TikTok comics’ love and devotion to his girlfriend. 

“If my man doesn’t act like this, I don’t want him,” one person commented.

Another user chimed in, “If my man ever goes on a trip, he better be acting like this.”

We understand Stéphanos’ struggle. Time away from your significant other can be healthy, but five days is a lot. Thankfully, it looks like the TikTok star has finally reunited with his boo, Maleni Cruz. On Jan. 17, Stéphanos posted a video of himself smiling and cuddling his girlfriend after he returned home from his long trip.

“I’m back home,” the funny influencer said as he happily held and snuggled Maleni. “I’m back home!” he shouted.

Watch the funny video below. We hope you enjoyed this latest Tales From TikTok.


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Melani reposted his video with the caption, “If he not crying for you on his guys trip, tell him to not come back.”


If he not crying for you on his guys trip tell him to not come back 😭 #fyp

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