Wedding Photographer Kareem Virgo’s Stunning Viral Image Resurfaced And We Are Gagging

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Viral wedding photographer Kareem Virgo and his wife Sandy are shaking up the wedding industry with their unique photos that capture the love, beauty and essence of Black newlyweds. Last month, Virgo’s 2022 image of NFL star Trey Flowers and his wife Jalen resurfaced on Instagram and went viral.

The breathtaking photo had the internet in shambles. Flowers and his bride embraced, and the couple’s wedding party was superimposed on the groom’s back.

Virgo, affectionately known as Reem, captioned the image, “I’ll always have your back.”

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The comment section went up for the gorgeous image of the Miami Dolphins star and his wife, Jalen. Supporters expressed their awe of Virgo’s creativity.

@smithalee  said it best.

This is the heat!!!

“The 1st pic giving last supper vibes, w/ out the betrayal, of course. That’d be dope to put that on a real tux 🔥🔥,” another person commented.

“If the whole squad got my back was a photo THIS THE ONE🔥🔥🔥 the edit is phenomenal😍😍😍😍😍,” another person penned.

One fan noticed that Virgo even managed to blend into the wedding party.

“I love how you sat part of the wedding party on the floor, but it doesn’t look weird at all. You killed this 🔥.”

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“Never seen a drastic wedding Photoshop edit like this. Definitely, a new level unlocked!” one fan wrote.

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This isn’t the first time that Virgo and Sandy have used Photoshop to bring the magic of their client’s wedding day to life.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, when lockdowns and strict Covid-19 guidelines prevented the married photographers from shooting clients in person, Virgo and Sandy pivoted to their iPhones.

The “Dreem team” conducted several virtual photo shoots that went viral. Within a matter of days, the power couple was booked and busy with over 450 appointments, according to ESSENCE.

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Photographer Kareem Virgo shares more about his creative process.

During an interview with Atlanta-based photographer Symone Steven, Virgo offered more insight into their creative process.



“I always say to my wife, ‘Is the audience going to feel who this couple is when I’m shooting them? Are you going to feel like you know this couple?’” the Florida native said.

“I want you to actually reach into the picture and be able to touch this couple if you wanted. It’s almost like you’re playing a movie, like a love movie. And then you just put it on pause real quick. And you see that moment where you’re like ‘Wow, that was a dope scene.’ Something captivating is what we try to do.”

Before putting their fun and whimsical ideas into play, Virgo and Sandy discuss their expectations with their clients. The duo carefully balances the needs of their couples as they step outside the box of traditional wedding photography to tell a fresh and innovative love story. And we love to see it!

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Earlier this month, Kareem made a YouTube video taking fans behind the scenes of an engagement shoot that he and Sandy conducted for a couple in Palm Beach, and they pulled out all the stops.

Check out the video below.

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