DISTURB HIS PEACE, SIS: Dude Baits And Switches Capital Grille Date For ‘Home-Cooked Meal’

A viral tweet posted April 21 turned into an all-out battle of the sexes on social media. Twitter user Ike Magnifico posted a TikTok video of a woman and man arguing following the dude’s shady plan change for the pair’s second date. 

In the footage, the unidentified couple exchanged words after old boy reneged on plans to take his new girl to the Darden-owned restaurant, Capital Grille. Instead of informing his date, he had changed the plans. He opted to prepare her a steak dinner at his crib without informing her about the new agenda. Apparently, the dude’s ego was bruised after the woman expressed her displeasure at his gesture, so he recorded the interaction to garner sympathy.

“So y’all tell me what’s so bad about me deciding to cook a home-cooked meal for my girl,” he asked as she challenged him in the background. “She’s upset.”

“Everything is bad about this,” she responded. “Yes, I’m upset because this was our second date. I expected you to take me to the Capital Grille.”

“So what.”

“And we will go to the Capital Grille on another day,” he replied.

“When, when?”

“We went out..”

“You aren’t keeping your word.”

The woman explained that his word mattered and that changing the plans last minute wasn’t a good look. He argued that he was doing what he said he would. She then clowned his plate of steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli. In the TikTok video, the embarrassed dude then opined that she just wanted to complain. Old boy put the pedal to the medal on the gaslighting, even after she explained that while she found it thoughtful that he cooked for her– they were supposed to go out. The goofy chef proceeded to deflect to homeownership and continued gaslighting the woman by suggesting she go out with someone who keeps his word. 

Say less.

Ultimately, the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye, and she gave him his “dusty, crusty” plate of food and hit the bricks. 

Ike Magnifico wrote in the caption, “No way she would be sitting in my dining room that long………”

The cornballs quickly jumped in to pontificate how they would’ve put the woman out of their homes, that she was ungrateful and somehow that Black woman was using him for a meal and money.

Then, the pick-me brigade, embarrassingly, shared its two cents on why the woman should’ve sucked it up and eaten her home-cooked steak dinner. 

Black women who had common sense and understood why she was upset– quickly set the record straight on the faux chef’s intentions, explaining why it was deceptive for a second date.

Brothers, with their heads on straight, picked up what the upset woman was putting down and defended her. They even called out their weird brethren.

The tweet has amassed damn near 30 million views.

In 2021, Allison Wiltz wrote a poignant piece on Black women having to deal with struggle love and settling. Wiltz pointed out that Black men were increasingly their sisters to resign themselves to not asking for their worth or to be treated as well as other women. And with the expectation that they still needed to lift brothers up. 

Hell NAW.

In these streets, word is bond. And the goofy chef in the video failed. He can hold that “L,” and I hope our good sis found her way to Capital Grille with someone who deserved her company. 

Originally posted 2023-04-30 16:45:41.