Da’Naia Jackson Knew The Bodies Of Derrick Jaxn’s Mistresses ‘Better Than Her Own’ After Watching His Sex Tapes

In a rare interview, Da’Naia Jackson got raw and candid about the heavy-hitting tolls she endured during her marriage to social media relationship guru Derrick Jaxn. 

Da’Naia spoke her truth on the Dear Future Wifey podcast’s May 24 episode, hosted by Laterras R. Whitfield. The devout woman of faith admitted that Derrick’s serial cheating within their marriage caused her to become obsessed with the bodies of his mistresses. 

“I knew her body better than I knew my own,” Da’Naia revealed the Dear Future Wifey host. “Yes, several women. I knew several other women’s bodies better than I knew my own.”

The mother of two recalled being “in such a deep hole” emotionally and mentally.

She said she studied the looks, personality traits and sexual mannerisms of Derrick’s mistresses. The 32-year-old sanctified woman stalked their social media profiles and said that she even watched Derrick’s sex tapes with his side chicks.

“I would try to imitate that,” Da’Naia told Laterras regarding her ex-husband’s mistresses’ attributes. “And recreate that in our relationship — so that he could choose me and want me.”

Triggered, the social media relationship guru’s former wife got teary-eyed as she recounted the extremely low point in her life. “

“I hate that I even got to a point where that was a thing. But it was, it was just that,” she stated bluntly. “I completely lost myself [and] became a shell of myself. I tried to intimate their hair, their actions, even sexual things that I had seen him doing with them. I tried to recreate that in our life when we were engaged. And none of it amounted to anything.”

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The podcast’s comments section lit up with the newfound perspective on the guest.

Life Coach Rachel G commented on Da’Naia’s vulnerability, saying, “This is real, and wives do this all the time. It’s the ‘what did she have that I didn’t!’ The “can I do it better so he can choose me!” Some of y’all won’t understand it because you’ve never been married. I coach women with this all the time. Most women who deal with this issue gain insecurities from who they loved.”

Another woman wrote, “Wow… I see her in a new light.”

“I unfollowed her ex-husband. He’s still putting out content about relationships but yet embarrassed his wife publicly during their marriage. I can’t take anything he says seriously. I pray she heals,” someone else added.

“So much vulnerability she’s sharing. Praying for her as she heals. It was easy to mock her, but nobody knows the mental battle this lady was enduring in the age of social media and it’s never-ending criticism and memes,” another compassionate viewer wrote.

Da’Naia shared elsewhere in the podcast that since she’s a sexual assault survivor, her extreme sensitivity to touch gave her an immediate awareness when Derrick was unfaithful in their marriage. 

Eventually, her “snooping” led to the confirmation of her biggest fears. Her then-husband was a serial cheater, and his public image as a relationship coach — particularly for Black women — was a sham. 

One of Derrick’s mistresses came forward in 2021 and exposed the YouTuber for being unfaithful to Da’Naia. 

The former’s couple’s marriage lasted four years, and they filed for divorce in December 2022. They share two children, a young daughter and a son.

Watch Da’Naia’s full interview on the Dear Future Wifey podcast below. 

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