The ‘Listen To Black Men’ Crew Talks Love, Marriage and Commitment

'Listen to Black Men' Jeremie Rivers Tyler Chronicles Mouse Jones Papoose LTBM

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The Listen to Black Men cast is back with episode four, titled “Black Love & Marriage” Mouse Jones, Tyler Chronicles, Papoose and Jeremie Rivers talk about the importance of supporting one’s spouse and prioritizing family.
The role of marriage and the “traditional” family in Black culture is having something of a metamorphosis, which the LTBM guys get into, referencing Dr. Umar Johnson’s championing of polygamy. Dr. Johnson said in an interview with Charlamagne the God on Hell of a Week that “monogamy is not natural to alpha males,” which got the one-woman men LTBM fellas buzzing with their responses.
“It’s a game for wealthy men,” says Chronicles, adding, “If you can handle and keep a lot of women happy, then go ahead.”
Papoose and Remy Ma at Tunecore event

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Papoose’s position is that if a man is going to help a woman really thrive, he can’t have his attention divided.
“If you don’t put your lady on a pedestal, you’re never gonna know her full potential,” explains the rapper.
Jones tosses the subject of the importance of sustaining families to the group. Papoose, who has had a long journey to having a stable family life, had a lot to say on the topic. After having to wait nearly eight years for Remy Ma to be released from prison before he could marry her, the Love & Hip Hop star knows just how important it is to be there for your partner through thick and thin.
“I supported her to the maximum,” he says, adding that he was overwhelmed by the love he and his wife received from fans after their on-air nuptials.
The power couple’s commitment to each other created a shift for other famous pairs, explained Papoose.
“After that happened to me and my wife, you started to see more celebrities out and showing love to their lady.”
Chronicles and Rivers also talk about how their parents were their role models for strong marriages.
“Children, they’re human recorders. For me and my brother, we was able to see what black love was. We saw ups and downs of marriage. When stuff got hard, we saw it’s a tight moment, but we gonna be alright,” shares the Games People Play actor.
Watch the full episode of Listen to Black Men to hear all of what the crew has to say about love and commitment.

Originally posted 2023-05-26 15:40:46.