Tales From TikTok: A Groom’s Vow To His Stepson Has The Internet In Shambles

The latest installment of “Tales From TikTok” revealed a teary-eyed stepfather who melted the hearts of the internet and his wedding guests as he vowed to honor his fatherly duties to his stepson.

Cinematographer Daka David of A Love Experience captured the heart-stirring moment and posted it on his socials on Thursday, Jan. 11, where the groom stood at the altar in his suit, a bowtie and boutonnière matching the bridesmaids’ bouquet.


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As bridesmaids dabbed away their tears, the groom made vows to his stepson.

“I want you to know, king, that we [are going to] have fun. We [are] definitely [going to ] do homework, but I want you to know that with everything in my body, Kaden, I’m [going to] pour into you to make sure that you grow up to be the young, Black king that you are.”

The groom and stepfather tried but failed to hold back tears as he continued making his fatherly promise.

“[I’m going to] teach you how to be a leader. [I’m going to] teach you how to be a man of integrity, a man of respect, a man that values himself. And most importantly, [I’m going to] show you every single day what it looks like for a man to love a woman…to love this family…to lead this family so that when you grow up, you’ll know exactly what that looks like, and you’ll know exactly what that feels like.

So, I vow to you from this day forward that I’m [going to] love you, I’m [going to] teach you, I’m [going to] guide you, and I’m [going to] pour into you. Because you are a king, and you are my king. I love you, man.”

Under Daka’s TikTok post, commenters addressed the depth of the moment and the father’s sincerity.

“I pray my daughter meets a man who adores my grandson like this.”

“Yessir, bro. Teach [and] lead that young Black king!”

“What a man of integrity you are. We definitely need more like YOU!!!”

“I love this so much! Affirming and loving this young man is absolutely beautiful!’

“God’s grace to not only heal mom and give her what she needs for her but for her baby boy as well. God, this is my desire.”

Many noted how the young boy may not have understood the moment’s importance but would once he grew older.

“Little man doesn’t get it now, but when he grows up and looks back at this, he’ll understand how powerful those words are.”

The groom’s vow to his stepson wasn’t the only time he shed tears.

Once the wedding started, the newly married man shed quite a few tears watching his wife walk down the aisle with her parents at her side, looking stunning.


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♬ original sound – Daka David

Congratulations to the newlyweds. What did you think of today’s “Tales From TikTok?”

Originally posted 2024-01-16 13:50:43.