Tales From TikTok: Boyfriend ‘Bet’ Girlfriend A Marriage Proposal If She Lost Weight

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Is it wrong for a man to entice a woman with the promise of a marriage proposal if she loses weight?

Musician and Love & Hip Hop star Sukihana posed the question to her 2.4 million followers on Instagram Jan. 11. The “Casamigos (Pour It In My Cup)” singer reposted a clip documenting the weight loss journey of a woman who allegedly revealed that her boyfriend of three years “bet” he’d marry her if she slimmed down her physique. The video was sourced from @yennefer_of_cville on TikTok. The latter, a mother, added that her boyfriend made the wager while the two were at her cousin’s wedding.

The  TikTok video showed photos and clips of the woman working toward her weight loss and fiancée goals. In addition to taking weight loss supplements, she implemented workouts, consistency, and “a little faith.” A voiceover amid documentation of her transformation noted that @yennefer_of_cville’s trimmed-down body was the “smallest” she’s ever been.

“I always get what I want,” the voiceover stated before a photo of the woman with seemingly a group of bridesmaids flashed on the screen. 

In the caption of her repost, Sukihana asked, “Would y’all have lost weight to get married? Or [does] he have to accept you the way you are?”

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Instagram users responded to Sukihana’s question with mixed comments.

Some felt that the mother’s boyfriend shouldn’t have made her weight the dependent factor of when and whether he’d propose. The netizens also claimed that if they’d been in that predicament, they would have lost the weight and then kicked their boyfriend to the curb. 

“If he can’t marry me at my biggest, I don’t need him at my smallest.”

“She should’ve lost the weight and broke up with him too!”

“Girl, leave him cause huh?”


Meanwhile, others thought that the boyfriend’s “bet” was an encouraging and even sweet way of setting up the couple for success and togetherness. 

“If y’all think she should have left him, you’re not ready for a man who wants a long, healthy life and fam with you. But let me go.”

“I’m not even gon lie, I’d lose the weight. And obviously it didn’t upset her. It motivated her and she ATE!”

“I like that he did that. Instead of leaving her.”


@yennefer_of_cville’s TikTok account suggests that the image of her with bridesmaids behind her was altered to make her look like a bride. Her original post showed her wearing the same color as the other women in the photo.


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What do y’all think about the boyfriend’s wager? Sound off in the comments.


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