Singlehood Isn’t A Sign Of Lack: 8 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being Single

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There are countless songs, poems and speeches about the power of love and how meaningful it is to find “the one.” Every year, on their anniversary, married couples get to make a little toast honoring how long they’ve stayed together. But you know what? Single people deserve their songs, poems and toasts. Sure, making a relationship work can be hard, but you know what’s also hard? Keeping your head on straight while you power through endless bad dates, swipe past too many catfishes and survive a dozen situationships.

If you’re single, you know it’s a choice and one made from a place of strength. Your married friends might look at you with those pity eyes and talk about your life like it’s missing something. But, your singlehood isn’t a sign of lack. It’s a testament to your boundaries and your standards. Here are eight reasons you should be proud of being single.



Codependency Doesn’t Rule Your Life

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If you are single, that means you either don’t have co-dependency issues or you have decided not to let them rule your life. Codependency is the glue that holds many couples together (eh-em, you know who they are). Just because a lot of people are in relationships doesn’t mean they should be. Some are just in relationships because they’re afraid to be alone. You have succeeded at not falling victim to that, and that’s something to feel really good about.


Originally posted 2023-03-09 13:00:50.